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Published: 07th March 2011
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1- Inter Cricket Complete Set

Inter Cricket was designed and launched by the England and Wales Cricket Board to bridge the gap between Kwik Cricket and hardball cricket. Its own rules and special equipment means that Inter Cricket can be played both indoors and out, and on almost any surface. The Game is designed for 11-16 year olds, is simple, fast moving and fun at the same time as fulfilling National Curriculum requirements. The ser comprises one set of stumps including bails, three different sized lightweight wooden cricket bats, six rubberised balls with stitched seams, one pair close fitting wicket keeping gloves, three pairs of ambidextrous batting gloves and three pairs of quick change leg guards.

2- Intermediate Coaching Bag for cricket

The Intermediate Coaching Bag is designed for participants 12yrs+ and includes one each of the following items; Dsx Kitbag, Coaching bat, Fielding Bat, one pack of Z-ballsm Left-handed Baseball Mitt, Right-handed Baseball Mitt, one pack of Throw down Feet, one pack of Throw down Arrows, set of batting pads, right-handed batting gloves, left-handed batting gloves, abdominal guard, Prohelmet, Target Stump, teach cricket handbook. Two each of the following items: Dsx Full Sixe Bat, Dsx Harrow sixe Bat, Hat trick ball 5.5oz and 4.75oz. Windball 5.5oz and 4.75oz. Swingking ball and metal spring return stumps.

3- Slazenger Coaching Bag

Contains 3 x Full sixe bats, pads, batting gloves and abdo guards, 1 x wicket keeping legguard wicket gloves and scorebook. Packed in wheelie holdall. Ideal for Clubs and Schools.

4- Crazy Catch

The crazy catch is a rebound net with a difference. The "insane" side provides an unpredictable rebound teaching the basic ability to catch and throw, while at the same time improving hand/eye co-ordination. The 2Sane" side is more predictable making it easier to improve abilities.

5- Teaching Aid Matting

The bright coloured and strategically placed coloured tiles in the flicx Colt coaching pitch can help young developing cricketers improve their cricketing abilities within a net practice, Can be used in any cricket net i.e. the Devon Malcom concertina cage, the colour coding provides targets, making it easy for coaching practice, Simply roll out on any flat surface such as tarmac playgrounds or grass.

We are passionate about and sports equipment and the benefits it can offer young people. Along with making them more active and healthy sport can play a central role in developing young people's confidence and helps develop team work and wider social skills.

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