Scooter Transportation a Cost Effective Alternative

Published: 01st March 2011
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Due to environmental awareness and the rise in fuel prices scooter transportation has become a popular everyday transportation alternative. As opposed to using a car the low price of scooters makes this an attractive alternative. When it comes to a densely populated city, a scooter is an ideal and nifty means of transport. In many large cities there has always been a stigma attached to driving a scooter which now seems to be changing.

In many countries the automobile is now being replaces especially in the US. The average commute in the US is around sixteen miles which is well within the range for a scooter and is an easy ride. The top speed for a scooter is 45 mph for a 50CC. However, due to the scooter being such lightweight it makes it dangerous to ride on a highway, if you are using the scooter to commute in and around an urban area, then it is a virtue.

Scooter transportation is far more maneuverable to use in traffic as opposed to cars. Scooter fit into openings far easier than cars. Parking is also a great advantage when you own a scooter. Scooters only need a small area to park in and on some occasions they are allowed to park on the sidewalks. However, a scooter does have a disadvantage as the rider is far more exposed as well as has a limited carrying capacity.

The newer models have enough packing space for a lunch box and laptop. One can also obtain specialized bags and backpacks if you intend carrying a lot of items. Scooters are cost effective and are not expensive to run. The cost of insurance is also far lower than car insurance. In terms of costs it is far better to have a scooter and an SUV, as the scooter can be used for fuel saving and a quarter of the annual mileage.

Sooner than we think, scooters will slowly start replace motor vehicles especially in urban environments, as scooters are ideal when it comes to environmental impact and energy saving tools. And one of the smartest choices when it comes to scooter transportation is the Razor electric scooter which has been specifically designed for short distances. There are many different types of Razor scooters which are designed for adults, teenagers and children, as these scooters are ideal for all ages. When it comes to the environment a scooter is a good choice.

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